Concrete spacers

Concrete spacers for distances of reinforcement on heavier concrete structures such as bridges.

Concrete spacers

– Distance spacers made of cement with quality K45.
– Height: 20-250 mm with or without light alloy nails.
– Concrete spacers come as standard with galvanized 1 mm straight threads.
– Steel hooks are available at an additional cost.
– Standard color is concrete gray but other colors can by requested.

BRITEKs concrete spacers

Distance spacers made of cement with quality K45.
– For distance posture when using of composite bars or steel bars A4/70.
– The spacer has a connecting cap that can be linked to a spacer tube.
– The spacer can be placed independently of the bars placement in the formwork.

Fiber-reinforced concrete support

– Spacer ring of both lower and upper reinforcement.
– The concrete support provides a very stable reinforcement.
– The lower mounting bar should be at least Ø12 mm.
– Regular reinforcement bars can be utilized as mounting bars.
– It takes approximately one spacer per sqm.