Pillar formworks in steel

Pillar formworks in steel

The pillar formwork are adapted to the current concrete structure. 
Pillar formworks has arches of steel and the surface consists of steel with the thickness 4.5 mm. 
The formworks are primed externally with rust color.
We can produce the pillar formworks with a shape that is circular, oval or conical.

Circular formworks

Can be produced with a diameter from 600 to 3000 mm with a heigt up to 16 meters.

Cirkulär pelarform

Pillar formworks with CUPLOK scaffolding

The pillar formwork can be advantageously used together with our CUPLOK scaffolding. Than you solve both the access scaffolding and the strut of the formwork, all in one. This eliminates the use of heavy telescopic struts  and concrete blocks.

Pelarformar som vi tillverkade till Bispgården, rv87